Beast house

A membership to connect the creative with the curious. Spaces to broaden opportunities and explore creative abilities.

Jax Riyadh

A House For Music

Beast House provides spaces for musicians to plug in, connect and discover their full rhythmic potential.
Our state-of-the-art facilities are designed to inspire and feed the imagination.

A House For Music

A Heaven For Creators

A first of its kind in Saudi Arabia, Beast House is a home for entrepeneurs, music-makers, film professionals and grassroots creatives. By design spaces encourage collaboration among our members.

a hub for events

MDLBEAST brings the world’s musical talents and creative minds to Saudi Arabia with a packed calendar of events. Register below to be the first to hear about our upcoming festivals, conferences and events.

a hub for events

A day at jax

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Fav place

Meeting spot

Insta wall

Live music

About jax district

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About jax district


The flagship Beast House will be coming soon to Riyadh’s JAX creative district. Other locations will follow soon.