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Hunna, the Arabic plural of “she”, is a mentor matchmaking program connecting female rising stars with established women in the music industry. Our mission is to build the right foundation to lift up all genders and create a safe space for budding artists in the region.




You tell us your music career goals, we personalize a mentorship program for your needs!

In partnership with Women in Ctrl, we’re pairing four up-and-coming female artists from the MENA region with trailblazing women in the industry for a three-month journey of tailor-made training to supercharge their musical career.

3 hours a month - Virtual one-on-one sessions with mentor - Virtual listening circles with other mentees.

- Areas of mentorship

  • Music Management 
    For artists and managers navigating the intricacies of contracts, agents, and

  • Artistry
    For performers in search of their unique identity, building a fanbase, and
    carving out their own niche in the industry.

  • Music Production
    For emerging musical artists and fresh producers on a journey of discovering
    and fine-tuning their unique skills and sounds.

  • Music Business
    For artists exploring ways to monetize their creative work, Web3, and making
    impactful connections to break into the industry.

- Meet this year’s mentors

Eve Horne

Award-winning Creative Mentor, Eve Horne, brings over two decades of music industry expertise to her role, spanning singing, songwriting, producing, and sound engineering. Founder of PeakMusicUK CIC and the UNHEARD Academy, she is also a certified Native Instruments Specialist. Eve is also a board member for Moving The Needle, UK Music Diversity Taskforce rep for BITTOOS, and MPG's first female of color and POC Board Director. She also serves as an Ivor's Academy Senator.

Lynn Adib

Hailing from Damascus, Syria, Lynn Adib is a talented singer and composer recognized for her celestial voice. She's known for her exploration of Arabic music and its integration with a variety of genres, including improvisation, jazz, SoulFlectronic, and experimental music. A graduate in Jazz Studies from the National Conservatory of Paris, Lynn currently calls Paris home.

Mayssa Karaa

With a multi-octave voice and a cross-cultural message, Mayssa Karaa, an American-born vocalist and songwriter hailing from Beirut, is redefining musical inclusivity. Her empowering music blends Middle Eastern influences with Global Pop, creating an unique blend of resilience. Mayssa lent her distinctive voice to "This is Our Time," the official theme song for Expo 2020 Dubai.  She currently serves as Artistic Director at Berklee College of Music's new campus in Abu Dhabi.

Sarah El Miniawy

Sarah El Miniawy, the visionary founder and director of Simsara Music stands at the helm of a music management and creative producing agency that empowers the adventurous Arabic music scene. With a keen curatorial ear for progressive new work. Simsara Music has been instrumental in fostering the rise of some of today's most innovative music. Sarah launched Tarkeeza, a pioneering platform that serves as a catalyst for the development of music management skills and the empowerment of emerging artists and music managers.


After 3 months of mentorship, the Hunna mentees put their learnings into action at XP Music Futures 2023. The long-awaited event will feature curated discussions and music showcases by women and men, highlighting difficult yet necessary conversations such as female representation and equity in music spaces.